Porto Codes

Porto Codes is a monthly meet-up where we share technology related experiences. We usually meet on the second Thursday of each month.

We're back!

We are picking up steam and trying to organize monthly events again. Help us by submitting a talk proposal!

Reach out to us via email, mastodon, or twitter.

The next event is on Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 at 19:00 at Devexperts, Praça do Bom Sucesso, Porto.

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  1. Introduction

    A/V setup, small introduction to the Porto Codes project, and a warm up to the night’s presentation.

  2. Implementing Grading System Soup-To-Nuts

    Sooner or later each software development company approaches the point where it requires a grading system. The process of creating and implementing such systems requires a lot of effort and can easily fail at any stage because of various circumstances. My presentation will help engineering managers and C-level managers understand the basic pros and cons of such systems and give them algorithms for choosing between different approaches. From an individual contributor’s perspective, it might be useful for a better understanding of why companies have such systems and how they are created.

  3. Choreography and Diligence

    In this talk, pkoch will be highlighting the trade-offs of microservices and proposing instead using packages as boundaries.

  4. Dinner, maybe?

    We will have dinner downtown, please let us know of any dietary restrictions so we can plan accordingly. Afterwards it is customary to go for ice cream at Santini and continue the conversation.

Upcoming events

No additional events planned yet! We always need more speakers, so get in touch with us below.

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We're always looking for someone to speak at Porto Codes. We're pretty flexible when it comes to the topic, and we welcome all levels of expertise.

If you do speak at Porto Codes, dinner and ice cream is on us!

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