Porto Codes

Porto Codes is a monthly meet-up where we share technology related experiences. We meet on the second Thursday of each month.

The next event is on Thursday, February 13th, 2020 at 19:00 at Porto i/o Santa Catarina.

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  1. Doors open

    Come and hang out while we struggle with our A/V setup.

  2. Opening remarks

    Short introduction to the Porto Codes project.

  3. Tooling for updating large tables in Postgres, by André Freitas

    In this talk André will present tooling that will help you update large tables in Postgres with observability on the progress, pause/resume work, optimization of databases updates throughput and having atomic operations while not locking all the table but just the rows you want to update.

  4. The bees and the IoT, by Resende

    Bees are essential to the human life, but spoiler alert… they’re dying! Ohh no! In this talk we are documenting the process of using IoT to monitor hives and the subsequent problems.

    Long live the bees 🐝!

  5. Dinner and ice cream

    Join us for dinner, usually at Estambul Doner Kebap. Come rain or shine, we go for ice cream at Santini.

Upcoming events

Porto Codes goes to Braga.JS

March 12th, 2020

This month we’re going to Braga.

Thriving through the hype cycle: an Ember.js story, by Ricardo Mendes

The front-end development community has been through a fair share of hype cycles in the last ten years. In this time, we have seen libraries and frameworks come and go, sometimes even disappearing completely like batman.js.

In this talk we will cover how the Ember.js project has managed not only to keep up with the hype cycles, but to continually push the framework and the web forward and bring its users along. We will close off the presentation by talking how this culminates in the concept of editions, the first of which is Ember Octane.


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Monthly meetup

April 9th, 2020

Blender for beginners, by Helena Lopes


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We're always looking for someone to speak at Porto Codes. We're pretty flexible when it comes to the topic, and we welcome all levels of expertise.

If you do speak at Porto Codes, dinner and ice cream is on us!

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