Porto Codes

Speak at Porto Codes

We're always looking for someone to speak at Porto Codes. We're pretty flexible when it comes to the topic, and we welcome all levels of expertise.

If you do speak at Porto Codes, dinner and ice cream is on us!

To submit a talk, read the guidelines below and email us with your topic idea:

Email us your talk proposal

Alternatively, reach out to us via mastodon or twitter.

Topic and format

You can address any topic that is slightly related to the tech world. Talk about a favorite programming library, a new language you've been exploring, your hobby project.

Do not advertise a product or company.

Make it inclusive, avoid bad-mouthing other languages / communities.

As a general rule, try to keep it between 10 and 30 minutes. If necessary, we can go up to 45 minutes. We want to keep everyone focused, and leave some time for questions afterwards.

What we need from you

Before the event, we will need the title of your talk and a short description. We will help you iterate on those, if necessary.

If you're using your own laptop, install OBS and make sure it is working properly. We will use it to record your screen during the talk.

On the day of the event, bring any adapters required to work with a 1080p HDMI projector. If you do not have a laptop or the necessary adapters, send us your presentation and we'll set it up using one of our own computers.

After the event, send us the presentation slides and the screen recording. We can get these from you right after the event, by providing a USB drive, or you can send it to us via dropbox/google drive.

What we provide

We have a 1080p projector with an HDMI cable, a clip-on microphone, a clicker with laser pointer.

If you're comfortable with it, we will record and publish the talk afterwards, assuming that we did not screw up the A/V.

We will sponsor your dinner and ice cream after the event.